Algorithm bias

Kairos, the Miami based face recognition provider who gained global attention in 2018 for its early stance to highlight algorithm bias in face recognition systems, has brought back Brian Brackeen, the founder of the company who in the same year was separated from his position as CEO preceding a legal battle which ended in Brackeen’s favor.


Since the departure of all employees and board members involved in the 2018 disruption, Kairos’ new leadership has voted to bring Brackeen and his expertise in algorithmic bias back to the company to chair its Scientific Advisory Board, where he will continue his work with the company to address and eliminate racial bias from the technology.

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Kairos at Google Next conference

Google Next is Google’s annual conference focusing on their cloud computing offering, Google Cloud Platform. Thanks to our great Google Cloud account team in Miami, we were able to attend this year and learn about Google’s new announcements, network with experts and other peer companies, and get some in depth knowledge about GCP.


For a little while now we have been working to migrate our cloud from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We’ll be providing more details of the move, our learnings and other interesting tidbits of our journey in a future post, but for now let’s talk about the Google Next conference.

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Kairos presents The Identity Economy™

Every month, we’re bringing you the best news and views on the most compelling topic in technology today—Identity. All lovingly curated by the team at Kairos.


First, some housekeeping: This is the inaugural episode of The Identity Economy™ since moving off of the Medium platform. Why did we move? Well, we realized while Medium is great for amplifying articles, ultimately we wanted to make 'The Identity Economy™' synonymous with Kairos. That meant publishing it on our homegrown blog. #ContentMarketing etc.

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Kairos Partners with RapidAPI to provide facial recognition to developers

Facial Recognition is in big demand with businesses all over the world—from preventing fraud to enabling more profitable customer experiences; it’s becoming the natural authority on identity. Which is why we’re excited to announce a renewed partnership between Kairos and RapidAPI—the leading API marketplace for software developers.


Together, we’re bringing the benefits of ethical and scalable facial biometrics to a wider audience, helping developers and businesses alike get access to one of the planet’s best face recognition algorithms.

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Biometric Summit New York 2019

Last week I attended the 2nd Annual Biometric Summit in New York City. It was hosted at a cool co-working space called “Rise” that’s sponsored by Barclays Bank and TechStars incubator. It was one of the smaller summits I have attended, with a single track and about 100 attendees—ranging from biometric vendors and end-users to analysts (? Alan Goode) and investors.


Personally, I appreciated the coziness, which made for some insightful networking opportunities and high-quality sessions. I left with plenty to think about on my trip back to Boston, so here are my takeaways from the Biometric Summit 2019:

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